Writing Assignment: Show, Don’t Tell

The plain, white wall had never been so infuriating. My eyes picked apart every chip of the paint in hope of distracting my noisy mind. Alas, failure was inevitable. It all started with a single tear. As the lone tear fell upon the floor, many more followed until my pasty, pale face had become a playground for the wet invaders. In hopes of disappearing from existence I hid my face in my arms, squeezing tightly. Part of me hoped that if I squeezed my small body tightly enough that I’d burst into nothingness.

Suddenly, the heat of a warm, loving hand contaminated my bare arm. I quickly glanced up in astonishment. My eyes were met with large puppy dog eyes that belonged to my older brother, Bailey, my guardian angel. His arms then crept around my small, fragile frame. Without hesitation, I clung to him with all my might. Bailey’s touch was the remedy to my sorrow and pain every time. While buried in his arms, I was safe from the monsters in my head.


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